Safety & Loss Control Services

The goal of our Safety & Loss Control Department at Starr is to provide practical solutions that address your safety concerns and needs. We take a different approach to safety and loss control. We do not tell you how to run your safety department. Instead, we find areas you are working on or would like to improve. We roll up our sleeves and help you do it.

Value-added Service

We want to make sure that our services are tangible. Several of our clients consider us an extension of their safety department and appreciate our value-added services. As your business collaborator, we are committed to your continued success. We want to earn your business and help that business grow and prosper.

Safety & Loss Control

Loss Control Divisions


Starr Marine offers clients, at no additional cost, support and advice from the Loss Control Services team. Strategically placed around the world, the LCS team is tasked solely with supporting the enterprise interests of Starr’s insureds.

The LCS team coordinates global risk management initiatives through the regional offices, often utilizing local resources to support the needs of any given project. In order to seamlessly handle the volume of business and geographic requirements, the LCS team maintains a worldwide network of independent marine surveyors, naval architects and engineers, logistics and transportation specialists, as well as security consultants and investigators. While fieldwork may be completed by a regional expert, all efforts are coordinated through the in-house LCS team to ensure a rigorous quality control standard is upheld.

Each loss control initiative requires a detailed review of the client’s claim history, packing and shipping procedures, maintenance and training protocols, and storage and/or operating procedures. When the review is complete, LCS will work with the client to design and coordinate a detailed plan customized to that client’s unique business needs. Every initiative is created to effectively and efficiently reduce damage and/or loss, with emphasis placed on the ability to deploy and recommendation into the field.

Loss control efforts are generally split along the various lines of business, in support of and in concert with the underwriting staff. Initiatives can be focused along some of the following key areas:

  • Carrier Selection and Vetting
  • Emergency Response Plan Preparedness
  • Load, Stow and Securing Surveys
  • Discharge, Outturn and Transloading Surveys
  • Packaging and Handling Protocols
  • Terminal and Port Operation Analysis
  • Vessel Inspections and Trip Planning

Starr Marine has developed, and deployed, proprietary inspections programs that assess terminal operations, automobile import and storage facilities, small vessel operators, and static risk and storage facilities. These programs allow Starr to objectively benchmark the operation for underwriters, but those key performance indicators allow the LCS team to offer specific guidance and recommendations to all manner of operators.

The various programs offered by Starr Marine LCS, in conjunction with the varied experiences of the LCS team, allow for an industry-unique risk management program designed specifically to support the needs of Starr clients.

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